Supply & Logistic Services

Import & Export
Equipment & Building Material
Food Supply
Supply Vehicles


Our extensive network has made us one of the best importers of materials and goods in the country. We have strong partners that have acess to wider range of goods and strong logistics department which procure, receive and deliver wherever our clients are in South Sudan.


We supply and transport a large range of building materials, equipment and supplies which can be delivered all over South Sudan.

Food Supply

Supply of quality food is one of our main competitive edge in fields, remote areas or relief aid centers. Our packaging follows the standards, and delivery days are adhered to at all costs. This ensures lives are saved, clients and beneficiaries are satisfied as a measure of our reputation and recognition

Supply of Vehicles

Amuk has a strong network of distributors and retailers capable of showcasing and selling almost any type and product under any distribution model. We offer a Comprehensive solution for any challenge from Business-to-Business (B2B) to Door-to-Door Services utilizing the latest GPS tracking technology. At times we engage approved contractors to assist and help to facilitate when we are unable to supply. Our services include conducting route surveys, obtaining necessary permits, liaising with police and the organization and management of third party equipment, such as cranes etc.
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